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We firmly believe that our employees drive the success of the company. With success in mind as the ultimate goal, we strive to create and provide an environment that offers challenging, stimulating and financially rewarding opportunities.

To further your career aspirations, view the current employment opportunities available at these ZOLL Medical Corporation locations: 


ZOLL Chelmsford, MA

ZOLL Pittsburgh, PA

ZOLL San Jose, CA


Join us and discover a work experience where diverse ideas are met with enthusiasm, and where you can learn and grow to your full potential. We're looking for individuals who enjoy the entrepreneurial thrill of invention and who enjoy working as a team to create a satisfying outcome for our customers.

As a major supplier to the health care community, ZOLL strives to set high standards for health care. It is ZOLL's company policy, where state law allows, not to hire individuals who are smokers or otherwise use tobacco products. In addition to all campuses being smoke and tobacco free, we will not hire smokers and other users of tobacco in the state of Massachusetts. We are continually monitoring each state's law, and it is our intention to expand this policy to our other locations when state law permits.


Company may, in certain circumstances, require as to applicants for employment and/or current employees background checks concerning such individuals’ qualifications and background.  These background checks may be conducted by a third party consumer reporting agency.  In such instances, affected individuals will be asked to sign a release form authorizing the appropriate background checks. A background check may include any or all of the following:  verification of information provided on the completed application for employment, the applicant’s resume or on other forms used in the hiring process;  verification of social security number and previous address; driving record check;  educational background check; reference check; and/or a criminal record check.   Company will comply with all applicable laws in undertaking background checks. 

In addition, Company may require, as a condition of hire and/or to work on particular customer projects, that certain applicants and/or employees submit to drug and/or alcohol screening or consent to such screening at a later date.   Such screening, if it occurs, will be designed to minimize intrusion into personal matters.  In certain circumstances, Company may ask employees to voluntarily submit to drug and/or alcohol screening.   Also, drug and/or alcohol testing will be required if the Company has reasonable cause to believe an employee is under the influence of one or the other or both substances.  









We frequently attend nationwide and regional professional job and career fair events, hold open houses and perform on-campus recruiting at various times throughout the year. Please check this page often for news of such events.

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